Curiosity and Creativity

Coach and writer John Paul-Flintoff shares his strengths

To launch our new set of 24 Character Strength pencils, #drawonyourstrengths is a campaign to help you find and cultivate your best qualities. We've invited some of our favourite thinkers, writers, artists and entrepreneurs to share their strengths with us.

We asked John Paul Flintoff, a writer, coach and Department Store for the Mind collaborator, to take the VIA Strengths survey. John-Paul's new novel, What If The Queen Should Die?, launches this Thursday.

So what were your top three strengths?

Creativity, Curiosity and Social Intelligence. And, as I'm trying to use Creativity more, I made this short video to share what else I found out:

The link is indeed down here! If you want to find out your own strengths, you can take the VIA Survey here. And we'd love to hear what you find - once you've completed the survey, share your top 5 strengths and tag us @storeforthemind. You'll be entered into our competition to win your very own set of Character Strengths Pencils, with a detailed guide to help you build on your strengths and use them every day.