Inside the Mind Of Sarah Corbett

Part activist, part craftswoman, Sarah is the founder of the Craftivist Collective, a community who use the gentle mindfulness of craft to bring about positive social change. We collaborated with her to create a range of tools for changemakers.

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What’s it like inside your mind?
I over-think. It’s always extremes - the world’s full of crap but it’s also full of gorgeousness. I’m often super happy and super depressed at the same time.

How do you look after your mind?
I pray. Recently I went to a talk by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Afterwards, people asked him, “If we pray for you, what do you want us to pray for?” He asked them to pray for him to have patience, wisdom and courage. I love that. I want patience not to rush things. I want courage to challenge myself and others. And I want wisdom to guide me through it all.

Are you led more by head or heart?
I’m all about gut! I’ve regretted it when I haven’t followed my gut instincts in the past - which is why I always do now.

Tell us about the products you’ve designed.
I’m an activist so I’m driven by challenging injustice, and trying to make the world a better place. But, like everyone I find it easy to end up on autopilot, just to carry on through life being part of the problem, not part of the solution. I wanted to make physical reminders of how we can change the world using our gifts and talents and actions and habits.

Do you have a favourite?
Probably the Ten Gentle Nudges. I believe in gentleness rather than aggression, in nudging rather than protesting. I designed these labels with the idea that wearing our beliefs on our sleeve is better than screaming at someone with a placard. I love that there two of each label in the pack so you can wear one and give one away.

Tell us about an object in your life that is special to you?
Recently I had a conversation with a woman and afterwards she posted me a white bit of fabric with white stitching on it saying “let your gentleness flow”. It’s so gorgeous - white on white, really subtle and gentle. I’m still soaking up all the poetry it contains, not least because it was a gift from a stranger.

Is there any one whose mind you’d especially like to get inside?
Eleanor Roosevelt. She’s not your typical changemaker. Most changemakers are young extroverts, but she was an introvert who became more of an activist the older she got. She was a truly gutsy woman who overcame her fears to stand up against injustices and push for change with courage and care. She’s a heroine for me.