Love and Good Judgement

Joey Bradford of Addictive Daughter shares her strengths

To launch our new set of 24 Character Strength pencils, #drawonyourstrengths is a campaign to help you find and cultivate your best qualities. We've invited some of our favourite thinkers, writers, artists and entrepreneurs to share their strengths with us.

Joey Bradford is co-founder of Addictive Daughter, a positive lifestyle movement, and will be appearing alongside Department Store for the Mind at the London Wellbeing festival from 29th April - 2nd May. We asked Joey to take the VIA Strengths Survey, and here's what she found:

What were your top three strengths?

Love, Judgement, and Perspective.

Were any of those particularly surprising?

Yes - judgment. I often feel I can be judgmental in a negative way. I’m not always great at being open-minded once I’ve made my mind up about something!

When do you draw on this strength most often - and with whom? (Don’t be shy!)

I think I can use my judgment in a positive way when it comes to my career.

And what were your least-used three strengths?

Humour (!), Self-regulation, and Love of learning.

Do you agree?

Well, I can be very funny when I’m in the right mood, but I’m quite a serious person by default. I definitely agree about the Love of Learning - I have a fairly small group of topics that I’m fascinated by, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly enthusiastic about learning about other things! I would like to be more curious than I am about random things…

Strengths are like muscles. The more you use them, the stronger they become. Is there a way you could use your top strength to help you build up your least-used strength?

Yes - if I gained perspective about the importance of being interested in a broader scope of things!

Simply naming a strength in someone can amplify it. Who could you reach out to right now and compliment on one of their strengths?

My co-founder of Addictive Daughter, Persia. She’s really good at responding kindly and with love to people who've let her down or hurt her.

If you want to find out your own strengths, you can take the VIA Survey here. And we'd love to hear what you find - once you've completed the survey, share your top 5 strengths and tag us @storeforthemind. You'll be entered into our competition to win your very own set of Character Strengths Pencils, with a detailed guide to help you build on your strengths and use them daily.