Slow Shopping Guide

Christmas 2017

Drop your standards

Finding lightness by releasing the hefty weight of perfectionism. Working out which things we truly love and (when we can) letting go of the rest.

Be Curious

Really look in and ask why... Can we be accepting and keep it simple? What unexpected stuff might we find? The last firery flashes of autumn, sparkling eyes of festive giddy children; the details of human amazingness are everywhere.

Space to think

Seeing time as elastic – can doing less make it feel like we have more? We’re starting a festive tradition of finding quiet time
for ourselves and putting it at the top of the list.

Tune In

A small simple focus, one sense at a time. Breathe cold air in (count seven in and eleven out). Borrow hygge’s idea of warming rain soaked feet with a cosy fluffy socked hug; open ears to the layers of festive sounds then tune them in and out one at a time.

Get offline, even if it's just a little bit

Tap, tap, tapping might get it done quicker but what might we miss? Inhaling the scent of pine trees; being buffeted by blustery cold winds that give way to the warmth inside; the most sparkly time of year and a kaleidoscopic array of wild intense festive human emotion.

Reaching Out

Simple acts of giving is what it’s all about. An unexpected smile; a dropped gift picked up; “are you OK?” to a fellow being; a mug of tea for someone feeling the cold. Treat yourself to the unexpected joy it brings.

Shop in their shoes

We love playing at being our favourite people - seeing through their eyes is such a satisfying way to shop. Where would their eyes be drawn? What would they feel? Say? Touch? Giggle about? We feel happier and those you love will know.

illustration by Veronica Wood Design by Supafrank