Supermarket Sarah's Gift Edit

We're thrilled that queen of stylists, Sarah Bagner, has chosen to do her Christmas shopping at Department Store for the Mind.

She’s got a list as long as her arm of family and friends, so she rifled through every one of our products to find something perfect for each of them. Here are a few of her choices.

For my friend Rose, I bought A Sense of Wonder. She is always looking, exploring and spotting wonderful things in nature, and in people. Looking closely at things is such gift - and it’s so contagious. She'll love wearing this.

I chose the Gut Instincts poster for my Dad, because he's the one that taught me to trust my intuition in life.

I sent my brother-in-law Marcus A Hug - he is a traveller, always keen to try new experiences, trends and aesthetics. He can spot a good idea a mile away. He’ll love this - and can create it with his two super kids, my niece and nephew, who are both GREAT at making things.

The Human States of Mind poster for my friend Laurie. She will love it - she has such an acute sense of people’s feelings.

Work with Head Heart and Hands is for my sister Alex. She's logical, rational but full of creative curiosity. She ran a magazine whilst nine months pregnant - never fussing or complaining. What a beacon!

A Record of Good Things is for my mum. She writes her thoughts as they come to her, somewhat eccentrically, on the inside of her wardrobe doors in black marker - and she sends me and all her loved ones one word thoughts and cuttings in the post. Long may she keep scribbling in her incredible (and somewhat illegible) handwriting.

See Sarah's interactive gift wall here, and follow her @supermsarah.