Yes, life can be busy sometimes so finding hours to sit in quiet contemplation isn’t always (ever!?!) possible. You probably already know there’s a tonne of evidence about the benefits of meditation, but if your time is already allocated elsewhere, it just doesn’t seem feasible to fit in meditation too does it?

The good news is that you can utilise everyday actions to give you a little more focus. Finding moments to pause and collect your thoughts can be really powerful, especially when you start doing them on a regular basis.

And one thing we need to do every day is eat. Being in the kitchen and at the table are perfect opportunities to pause. The time when you’re chopping up veg or sitting down to a soothing bowl of soup, is also time you can use to pay attention to your experience.

Rather than running around the kitchen like a crazy fool, a more measured pace, a little attention and a little smile can help you stop and truly smell the coffee (or soup!). Every now and then, as an added bonus, you might even turn off your TV, radio or laptop and enjoy the sounds of cooking.

What’s more, you’ll taste so much more in your food when you cook and eat this way. And your digestion will thank you too!

 Three simple kitchen pause tips:

  • When you’re making a cup of tea, rather than rushing off stand next to the kettle and listen to the water as it moves from a gentle bubble to a riotous boiling roar
  • Lean over your frying pan while you’re cooking and breathe in, enjoying all the beautiful aromas being released (this is particularly delicious if you’re frying spices or, one of my favourites, onion and garlic)
  • For just the very first mouthful of your meal, really notice the texture, aroma and taste of what you’re eating; give it your full attention and see what you discover. Chew slowly and finish what’s in your mouth before you start eating the rest of your meal

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