Unwind Your Mind with Kate Towers, Co-Founder of Small & Wild

This week we asked Kate, one of the Founders of Small & Wild, some questions as part of our Unwind Your Mind series.

1. Tell us about yourself and your company

I am one of the founders of Small & Wild, happy herbal tea for kids. My co-founder Becky and I started the company after meeting whilst pregnant with our second children.

We quickly bonded over our own love for tea. Our eldest two often wanted to join in when we were having a cuppa, but adult herbal teas didn’t cut it for them. At the same time we were increasingly frustrated with the lack of healthy, tasty drinks available for kids - it often felt like a choice between milk and water, or sugar-filled fruit juices versus additive-filled squashes. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and created a range of natural caffeine-free teas, especially to suit kids’ taste buds and be enjoyed warm or cold.

My background is in PR, and having worked with lots of big food and drink companies in the past, I’d always had in mind that I’d love to start up my own business in this space.

I have two boys, Ted, who’s 7 and George, who’s 5.

2. What do you find helps you unwind the best?

Getting out and about, and especially somewhere beautiful! Whether solo, with friends or the family, I find a good walk always helps me unwind and leaves me with a great feeling afterwards.

I am lucky to have lovely green spaces on the doorstep, and as a family, we like getting out and about at the weekend and finding a new spot for a stroll (or hike!).

For a guilty pleasure I love cooking whilst watching Netflix – there’s the satisfaction of making something healthy and yummy, whilst also zoning out viewing something usually super cheesy!  

3. What part of the business process do you enjoy the most?

More than anything, I love that we’re creating something wholesome that families are enjoying; there’s absolutely nothing better than getting positive feedback from little tea drinkers. It’s exciting to think about how we can not only reach new customers, but also the future blends and products we can create to keep kids happily hydrated!

Added to this there’s all the people who are part of the journey, from getting to work with Becky day in, day out to all the brilliant new business friends we’ve met along the way.

4. During Covid what would you suggest is a good way of unwinding when in close proximity to your family most of the time?

It’s been pretty full on, for the kids as well as us adults. It’s been really important to find those activities that help everyone to unwind together. An old-school board game seems to do the trick, as well as getting out and about for a good airing, followed by a bit of quiet time with a movie or books.

 And, of course, having a good cuppa is a great way to unwind in itself and a chance to all sit down regroup.