Unwind Your Mind with Lexie Wrightson, Founder of Yoga with Lexie Wrightson

This week we asked Lexie, Founder of Yoga with Lexie Wrightson, some questions as part of our Unwind Your Mind series.


1. Tell us about yourself and your company

I spent 13 years in the Rail industry as a senior manager before leaving in April 2020 to take my side hustle into a fully fledge business.  I am a a healer, reiki master, yoga teacher and founder of the Soul Sister Community an online community for like minded women to create connection with other women and support each other.  We work with the moon and meet at new and full moons.  I am also the co-founder of Yew retreats, creating bespoke  person retreats and corporate away days in a Log cabin close to the Rover Nene in Cambridgeshire.


2. What do you find helps you unwind the best?

Yoga is my go-to activity to wind down. I also enjoy running ( mostly off road) and wild swimming.  I am relearning how the play the piano after a nearly 16 year break.  I find being outside in the garden the place where I can just be a truly unwind


3. What part of the business process do you enjoy the most?

Creation, I love creating bespoke events, retreats and women’s circles to match the seasons, persona requirements and to encourage personal growth.  I adore teaching too and watching my yoga students grow with confidence in their practice.


4. During Covid what would you suggest is a good way of unwinding when in close proximity to your family most of the time?

I have been very lucky as I live with my partner and we don’t have children.  Therefore it was jus the two of us.  We decide to increase our running to every other day and  I was either teaching or practicing yoga he often went either into the garden or into his ‘ mancave’.  We gave each other space when requested and often kept  ‘office hours’ in our respective work areas so we could get on with work.

Setting time aside for self,  be it before everyone has woken up if needs be is important. Taking 5 minutes to mediate at the start of the day, getting outside into the garden to ground oneself, or taking a long bath with the good book. Carving out time for each person to have a hours ‘free time’ at the same time each day to create space and uninterrupted time to each person to have some down time.