The World Health Organization estimates more than 70 per cent of us will live in urban areas by 2050. The problem with this is that life in busy cities can leave us feeling frazzled, distracted and overwhelmed on a regular basis.


How can we find moments of stillness in the midst of our hectic schedules and thrive in a city addicted to speed? These are questions I explore each week on the Urban Curiosity podcast - a show designed to inspire you to slow down and see things differently.

My guests are interesting urbanites from Portland and Paris to London, Taiwan and Cape Town; they share their insights on mindfulness, wellbeing, creativity and human connection. I love hearing about the routines and quirks of their hometowns, and delving into how place influences and inspires the way they live and work.

A single thing links them; the peak performance expert, the serial entrepreneur, the copywriter, the autism coach and the co-founder of the Museum of Happiness and more, are all curious.

When we observe how we feel and what is happening in the world around us, we start to wake up to possibility. We begin to wonder about things. Our curiosity is sparked and we engage with the cityscape and our communities in a different way.

Noticing how you spend your time, energy and attention is a good place to start. The Urban Curiosity podcast guests are clear about their choices when it comes to these finite resources and I hope the show will inspire you to take micro steps towards reclaiming time and headspace for what really matters to you. This is how we will thrive and not merely endure life in the urban age.


By Clare Barry, founder of Urban Curiosity and host of the Urban Curiosity podcast.