Cities appear to change and evolve at a crazy pace and the research shows the growth and adaption is not set to slow down. How can we thrive rather than just survive in our cities of the future?

This summer and beyond you can join the debate and influence the shape of the urban environment at the Museum of London in all kinds of ways:

Interact with the installations and displays to get a sense of where our cities are heading.

Learn about how city living varies across the world. Share you own experiences to get a sense of where you fit into the global urban picture.

Feel inspired by scientific developments that are and can be put into action to nourish our minds and take care of our bodies amidst a potentially intense reduction in the space we live and work in.

Attend an event. Each month The London Salon series invites speakers to discuss topics that affect city dwellers; from play to protest and queer spaces to edgelands. It happens every month and looks like serious fun!

Take a guided walk, attend a smoothie making workshop or listen to a presentation by local London initiatives. We love the free lunchtime sessions led by Living streets, a charity committed to creating a walking nation with all the amazing benefits it brings to our whole being. Watch 6 films featuring six experts talking about the future of London. For example, Dr Morgaine Gay talks about the future of food – will we all be eating insects in the future? Would you eat food grown without water or sunlight?

An open call was run to look for projects that could improve city life. See the winning proposal on display later in the season. We are very happy with our collaboration with the Museum of London’s retail space. Find the products we created together residing happily at the museum or in their online store:

A record of good things in the city

City observation journal

London states of mind poster

Thanks to Veronica Wood for the illustration.