As you are

A guide to letting go of comparison and seeing the good stuff inside


Ten beautifully illustrated real life stories to help everyone learn to accept and warm to their own individual ways. 

Self-acceptance is a rock under our feet. An easy read for anyone feeling wobbly and unsure about how to know and be their unique self. 

A thoughtful gift for anyone riding a wave of self-doubt who could do with a helping hand to have the confidence to just be and shine again inside.

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The ten chapters found with these pages each draw to a close with a simple habit that anyone can put into action today. Inside, you will find:

1. Start here as you are - Slowing down to tune in.

2. Comparison if the thief of joy - Feeling great about other people's brilliance.

3. It's not pink and it was never fluffy - The strength in looking after yourself.

4. Strong stuff - A daily dose of playing to your strengths.

5. Personal Puff - We breathe differently. We can breathe consciously.

6. Stretch - A kinder kind if sport.

7. Trust your gut - The individuality of eating.

8. My way - Choosing life with the good stuff in mind.

9. Laughter lines - A celebration of the passage of time.

10. Thinking tricks - Common sense for a complicated world.

Illustrated by Karolin Schnoor, a German creative who captures the beauty of the human form in all its different shapes and sizes.

A hard back cloth bound book 22cm x 16cm.

This is one of a series of four books published by Octopus Publishing under the Aster imprint.