Conscious Creativity Bundle

Look, connect, create. The Book, the Observation Journal & three Strengths Pencils


This bundle will feed the creative being inside. It gently shows how to observe the world through all the senses and enjoy being with that feeling. It might lead the reader nearer to the creation of a masterpiece or may simply be a reminder to notice the beauty that can be found all around. The trio of products within the bundle are:

1. Conscious Creativity - the book. Crammed full of colour and inspiration this book is designed to reawaken and nurture creativity. Filled with beautiful photography, created by the author, the style of writing leaves you feeling as if Philippa is having a chat with you about how to grow your creative self. Within each chapter are simple daily activities that feed the senses and bring us into the present moment.

2. The Observation JournalA hard backed, cloth bound sketching journal. Use this journal to take notes, make sketches, compose poems, make rubbings, press leaves or collect feathers. The journal bellyband becomes a bookmark with specifically commissioned illustrations by Alexandra Ethell and the words of Wordsworth:

"Notice the passing clouds. Listen to the sounds of birds. Marvel at the industry of insects. Stay curious and alert. Let nature be your teacher." - William Wordsworth

3. Three Character strengths pencils. This pack of three pencils is part of a set of twenty-four. These three capture the themes within the book. The words on the pencils read:

  • Curiosity   Look under the covers
  • Appreciation of beauty   What moves you raises you
  • Zest   Live, laugh, dance, sing

The pencils come with an illustrated guide to understanding and using the VIA Character Strengths model and a link to a free and very robust questionnaire to discover your own character strengths.

Take advantage of our FREE GIFT WRAPPING in paper that matches both the deep golden yellow of the flowers on the book cover and the cloth binding on the journal. Finished with a little twist of twine.

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The book - Conscious Creativity

How often do you notice the texture of a painted wall or the scent of a friend’s house or how they make you feel?

There is creativity in all of us, but it can easily be buried beneath our everyday concerns, or need a spark to bring it back to life. Whether you’ve lost your mojo or just need some fresh ideas, artist and photographer Philippa Stanton’s lively guide will stimulate your imagination and reinvigorate your creative life.

Conscious Creativity will help you fully appreciate what is around you, opening all your senses to the beauty you may not notice every day, and showing you how to capture it. Simple, engaging exercises that encourage observation and experimentation will give you an insight into your own aesthetics as you take a conscious step to note the colours, shapes, shadows, sounds and textures that fill your world and how they make you feel.

The Author - Philippa Stanton

Philippa is a professional artist and photographer with over 20 years of experience. She holds popular workshops and teaches creative online courses while the inspirational qualities of her imagery have attracted more than 400,000 followers on her @5ftinf Instagram account. Clients attracted by her work have been as diverse as Green and Blacks, TUI and The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group.

Philippa has lived in Brighton for over 17 years and enjoys writing lists, multi tasking, Spaghetti Western soundtracks, gardening, cycling, stroking the cat and sitting at the kitchen table looking at things.

Publisher: Leaping Hare Press 

Paperback of 160 pages, measuring 16.5cm x 1.6cm x 21.3cm