New Beginnings Bundle

Thoughtful gifts to help with a new project or a fresh start


As life flows through it's many twists and turns we may need a little inspiration, motivation or confidence to launch the next new chapter.

Nourish the mind of those on the edge of something fresh and exciting to help them to find the creative thought and positive mindset they need to flourish.

This bundle includes:

1. Work With Head, Heart and Hands. An A3 poster with an inspirational manifesto. Use your head to make good judgements. Use your heart to lead with passion. Use your hands to stay practical. This inspirational poster is hand finished with a red embroidery stitch by Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective. 

2. The book Do Fly by Gavin Strange. This book will inspire the reader to:

  • Change their perspective and revamp their mindset
  • Develop creative side projects
  • Stay optimistic and resilient
  • Discover skills and passions they never knew they had!

Do Fly is an all-in-one guide, ticket and passport to a new destination. 

3. Space To Think is a hardback cloth bound notebook illustrated by Marc Johns. Enough lists, targets, strategies and action plans... sometimes we just need space to think about nothing in particular. This notebook has no lines, grids or page numbers, only 100 wide open pages to fill with whatever thoughts come to mind. Use it to let the mind breathe.

4. From the Words to Hang onto range, a quote by William Murray:

Boldness Has Genius, Power and Magic In It

Encouragement to have the courage of your convictions. Mountaineer William Murray's motivating words were inspired by lines from Goethe. They invite us to action with heart and incisiveness.

5. From the Words to Hang onto range a quote by Sister Corita Kent:

Consider Everything an Experiment

Sister Corita Kent (1918-1986) was an American Catholic Nun, artist, educator and activist. Her banners and posters about love and peace were featured at civil rights and anti-war rallies throughout the 1960s and 70s. 'Consider everything an experiment" was one of the rules of the art department she ran at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles.

6. Don't Overthink it, enamel pin badge. Captured within the outline of a human head this reminder steers us towards more mindful living and is a perfect gift for a friend or family member who tends to run thoughts through for a little longer than is helpful. This is a subtle nudge to encourage better self-care and especially useful when there may a lot running through the mind.

7. Two Character strengths pencils. This pack of two character strength pencils is part of a set of 24 graphite pencils. These two capture the strengths from the model that are wonderful to draw on when a new chapter begins. The words on the pencils read:

Curiosity    Look under the covers

Perseverance     Fall down seven times, stand up eight

These pencils come with an illustrated guide to understanding and using the VIA Character Strengths model for personal development. The leaflet includes ideas on how to put strengths into action that can be used individually or with a group. The model is described in the leaflet in full and a link included to a free and very robust questionnaire to discover your own character strengths.

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Information about the products included with this bundle:

Work with Head Heart and Hands poster is provided unframed in a labelled kraft poster tube with black ends. The poster measures 297mm x 420mm.

Do Fly is a paperback book by Gavin Strange.

Space to think is a hardback plain notebook with a belly band that is illustrated both inside and out. The belly band contains instructions on how to cut the cardboard and create a bookmark once unwrapped.

The two Words to Hang on To have a long red waxed cotton thread of over 1m attached to a small hole at one end for hanging purposes. They each come in an unsealed beautiful GF Smith envelope.

Two character strengths pencils come in a GF Smith envelope with an illustrated guide.