Character strength pencils for New Beginnings

Fairness, Appreciation of beauty & Good judgement


This pack of three character strength pencils is part of a set of 24 graphite pencils. These three capture a triad of strengths from the model of 24 that relate to qualities that help with making new beginnings. The words on the pencils read:

Fairness    When you throw dirt, you lose ground

Appreciation of beauty     What moves you raises you

Good judgement     Look before you leap

These three pencils come with an illustrated guide to understanding and using the VIA Character Strengths model for personal development. The leaflet includes ideas on how to put strengths into action that can be used individually or with a group. The model is described in the leaflet in full and a link included to a free and very robust questionnaire to discover your own character strengths.

The character strengths model is central to the Positive Psychology movement and the work of Martin Seligman.

If you focus on your strengths - they will grow. These pencils invite you to hone in on your virtues, to appreciate those that come naturally, and to build on those you are unsure of.

The categories are based on the work of the VIA (Values in Action) Institute, which represents the most significant effort in history to review, assemble, research and classify the best qualities in human beings. The set comes with a beautifully designed guide detailing how to use the VIA strengths model with individuals and groups. From honesty and humour, to kindness and zest, let these pencils remind you of your best qualities - and then get to using them.

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