Walking in the Rain

A Department store for the mind book


A beautifully illustrated book. Take the hand of painters, psychologists, speakers and writers as they walk with you and share personal stories of walking in a mindful way. Mindful living can be simple. Be enticed outside on two feet and discover daily habits that are easy to make your own. 

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This book invites you to meander along the wonderfully complex pathways of your mind. A collection of warm, witty and insightful writers will stroll beside you. They all share Department store for the mind’s thinking. We want you to delve deeper in and see the gritty beauty of your own idiosyncrasies. It’s just so easy to do this when you are walking.

Clare Barry of Urban Curiosity tells stories of walking in the city and the tremendous healing it brings. Slow down and discover unexpected mindful living in the everyday without needing to leave the city. A great chapter for lunch break ideas.

Kate Peers invites you to let nature be your teacher. Grief, moments of peace and deep acceptance of being can all be discovered beside the wisdom of mother nature.

The walking commute saved Ruth Williams a barrel load of stress. Mindful walking sets up the day like nothing else. Here lies a compelling account of how anxiety attacks were avoided and connections with colleagues rediscovered.

Walking is essential every day. Katie Steel took away the choice and now sees pacing out on two feet to be as important as eating, sleeping and breathing. The mind is precious and mindful walking can be marvelous medicine.

Walking coach Gert-Jan de Hoon tells two wonderful tales of epic adventures across the Camino De Santiago. He takes a group of visually impaired people on a journey they never imagined possible.

Alison France explores the impact of the walking meeting at work. This is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to feel healthier, happier and more productive at work. Your manager will love it too.

Brighton based painter, Antonia Thompson, offers ideas for using mindful walking to awaken your creative being.

John-Paul Flintoff tickles the toes with anecdotes of walking side by side. Moving the body can move the mind in ways that are tremendously powerful and far cheaper than therapy. Try standing up when you’re stuck!                 

Photograhy: Libi Pedder Illustration: Alexandra Ethell Design: Supafrank

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