Washing up is good for you

A Department store for the mind book


This book is a ticklish antidote to the poisons of contemporary life. From washing up to smart phone obsessions, read stories of the everyday that offer simple tweaks to reduce stress, bring back happiness and help you live more mindfully without needing to become a monk. A book for mindful living in the daily grind. 

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Yes, seriously, washing up really can be good for you. This book offers often funny and always simple ways to sprinkle a little more mindful living throughout your day. A collection of warm, witty and insightful writers share their personal stories of discovering connection and calm in some unexpected domestic places.

Meredith Whitely reaches out from the heart of the kitchen. She tells her life story through washing up and offers a more mindful way of enjoying food.

Bring a little Japanese manufacturing practice into your home with Ruth Williams’s stories of domestic bliss.

Clare Barry of Urban Curiosity takes on the contemporary drug of choice – the smart phone. Let’s face it, we’re not putting them away any time soon so, how can we take back control and make our devices less divisive?

Kate Peers interviews Business Psychologist, Alison France to explore the best medicine for the Sunday night blues. How can we flip that feeling of creeping dread and relish Monday mornings again?

Antonia Thompson finds the meaning in cleaning. What sort of inner chat drives you towards or away from the mop?

John-Paul Flintoff explores the Western tea ceremony. JP reclaims the cuppa and invites you to find more connected conversations over something hot and steamy.

Drama therapist, Annabelle Read brings more messing about into the home. How can we connect with the kids, make work more fun and combat the temptation of the ever-encroaching screens?

Chef and avid allotmenteer, Pascal Sharples finds peace amongst the cabbages. From window sill box to big plot adventure grow more mindful in your own green space. 

Photograhy: James Champion, Illustration: Veronica Wood, Design: Supafrank

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