A mindful cuppa


There is nothing as restorative as a good cup of tea - the British panacea for all ills, the ritual of making and enjoying a hot brew forces us to slow down and pause in our hectic lives - a mini act of self care during a busy day, or a token of love made for another, just the way they like it.

We've put together the perfect gift set for the avid tea drinker. A beautiful tea beaker, handmade by Brighton potter, Tom Butcher, as well as a cotton reusable tea bag to fill with Original Cacao loose-leaf tea from 'Tea in the Moment' - a sugar-free, caffeine-free alternative to hot chocolate drinks and coffee, that satisfies a sweet tooth. Cacao tea is made from the outer shells of cacao beans and blended with natural, whole ingredients. We include an organic cotton tea bag and bamboo stick to hang your tea into the beaker. The tea bag can be rinsed and reused over and over again.