Breathe Well bundle


Breathe Well bundle for friends, family and those who need to take that first deep breath.

As life flows through it's many twists and turns we need to go back to basics; stop and breathe.

Nourish the mind of those on the edge of something fresh and exciting to help them to find the creative thought and positive mindset they need to flourish.

This bundle includes:

1. Breathe Well book by Aimee Hartley :  

We breathe around 17,000 times a day, yet very few of us are breathing correctly. Breathe Well is packed with more than 70 simple step-by-step breath techniques you can perform anywhere and take just minutes to improve your mood and boost your energy. You will also learn new breath exercises to help you feel calmer and allow you to enjoy a restful and restorative night's sleep.

2. Ten deep breaths bracelet :

Adjustable unisex bracelet made from waxed cotton and brass beads.

A simple reminder to breathe deeply at moments of high tension. Inhale and exhale once for each bead. Take deeper, longer breaths as you move from bead to bead. Feel your shoulders drop and anxiety ebb away.

3. Rainbow Stress Reliever

A calming squashy rainbow to use as a stress reliever when needed.

4.  And Breathe candle :

Unearth calm in the everyday with this beautiful lavender scented candle. Sumptuous scents, plant-based wax and super burn times.

Mood boosting candle for everyone from sleep deprived parents to burnt out office workers. A candle for mindful living in the daily grind.



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