Sense of Wonder Subscription box - 6 months


Please note: By purchasing this product you will be committing to a 6-month reoccuring payment of £30.50 per month on a reoccuring card transaction basis. Your first month's subscription will be shipping immediately and then each subsequent box at monthly intervals.

This autumn we are launching our first-ever subscription box - the Sense of Wonder subscription will be delivered to your door each month, containing an edit of hand-picked products made by us, or independently-owned brands - designed to be used to enhance your individual senses to help you stay present and connected to the world around you.

You will also receive an A5 prompt card that will either share a link to an audio file, or printable resource for you to use, or be a guided practice for you to try. The other will be your introduction to that month, with tips on how to use the contents of your box, mindfully.

 Available as a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription option.


What’s in store for your senses this month?
Welcome to your November’s ‘sense of wonder’ subscription box; what a wonderful gift to bestow upon yourself and your senses this November. As the nights begin to draw in, and we hunker down for Winter like our fellow hibernating mammals this is the perfect time to begin to slow down, Your energy may be dipping, and that’s ok. It’s important at the start of winter to take care of yourself, and to begin to consciously slow down - preserving our energy for the winter ahead. 

For best results…(7 steps to sensory heaven)!
Each of the gifts can be used individually, or may like to set aside an hour or two, when you have some time to yourself to use the products all together, which might look and sound a bit like this:

  1. Sit down and take 10 deep breaths using your bracelet
  2. Take a long soak in the bath (or a hot shower) using your heavenly handcrafted Coraleen soap taking in the sweet wild botanical fragrances
  3. Take your time to prepare your cup of calm cocoa, and savour with a warm blanket
  4. When you’re ready lie down, get comfy and place your space mask over your eyes
  5. Tune into your yoga nidra and let yourself drift off to a peaceful sleep….
  6. The next morning, wake up & write down how you feel in your observation journal
  7. Repeat….
In detail...

Ten deep breaths bracelet - one of our original and most loved Dept. Store for the mind products. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. A simple reminder to breathe in and breathe out, one breath for each bead. By slowing down our breathing, we allow the mind and body to also slow down and soften. 

Organic handmade Coraleen soap - handcrafted with pure ingredients and love.  Coraleen soap is made in small batches at Honeysuckle Cottage Farm, in Berkshire using only the finest organic ingredients including, moisture rich and wild essential oils to ensure absolute purity. All of their oils are made using wild herbs and botanicals from the family run farm. You can find out more about the Coraleen soap story here: (it’s a lovely read).

  • Calm cocoa hot chocolate - mindfully made in the uk, hot chocolate to take your time over. Organic, sustainable and fully recyclable, each pouch comes with a limited edition hand-illustrated ‘kind card’ containing a special message of calm and kindness. Calm Cocoa is made, mindfully, in small batches to ensure that quality and love flow through each blend just for you. You can find out more here

  • Soothing space mask - Jasmine-scented, self-warming eye mask lovingly brought to you by  Get comfy and cosy and take your eye mask out of the packet (oxygen activates the mask, and gently heats it up, so make sure you’re ready to use it when you open it)! As soon as you place the mask onto your eyes, you’ll experience a warm, soothing sensation and subtle scents of jasmine. Allow yourself to float freely for 15 minutes or more...

  • Nurturing yoga nidra - A soothing 15 minute audio recording to take you to a place somewhere between sleep and consciousness. Emily’s voice will guide you step by step to a place of deep relaxation. This recording requires no previous yoga experience and is suitable for absolutely anyone and everyone. It can be used night after night, or as needed to transport mind and body to a place of total relaxation. 

  • Observation journal - we love a journal at Dept. Store for the mind, and the observation journal is the perfect one to help you observe not only the world around you, but how you’re feeling too. When we write down how we feel, and what we notice, we take ourselves out of our heads and can often begin to see and think a bit more clearly and calmly. Your journal can be used at any time of day, any place, anywhere to write, doodle, rant or sketch in.