Count my blessings A4 poster


When I count my blessings I count you twice.

A beautiful and meaningful message, illustrated by London based contemporary folk illustrator Alice Pattullo, to show deep care and heartfelt love for friends and family who bring lightness to our lives.

This may be a touching mothers day gift, unusual fathers day gift or more meaningful birthday present but can equally be shared to celebrate the amazing everyday gestures those we love often effortlessly provide.

One of our customer community warmed my heart by buying this as reminder for themselves to value who they are and all their human quirkiness and individuality they bring. It acted as a simple daily reminder for this person. The poster hung in the hallway, so they glanced at it frequently during their daily comings and goings. A reminder to celebrate and share those personal differences rather than trying to hide them behind a false idea of there being any single state of normal.