Eat breakfast A4 poster


This poster, by Marc Johns, invites you to form a happy daily habit of eating breakfast, even when you're busy. The fried egg with running legs, suggests carving out a little time for something warm and filling for the tum, even if you're on the run.

Marc Johns is an illustrator from Victoria, Canada. He makes sweet, strange, often absurd and always heartwarming drawings. He has designed a First Aid for the Mind product range for Department Store for the Mind that includes A HugSimple Reminders and Space To Think.

Hang this simple reminder in a spot at home or work where that gentle nudge to make time for breakfast is required most. The kitchen might seem the obvious choice but, perhaps the hall would be better, to encourage you to step back into the kitchen before leaving through the front door.

Taking time for self care boosts not only the body but, can also lift your mood.