Four-legged Therapy


How fur, scales and feathers can make life worth living.

What healthy habits can we learn from our fluffy, scaly and, let's face it, stinky companions? Is it just companionship or is there more to it?

Within this hard-backed book discover the myriad ways in which our pets and other animals can help us feel more present and connected in our lives and also make life worth living. From the "hensioners" who look after ex-battery chickens to "goat club", dogs who listen to children learning to read and Mitzpah the collie who just knows how to make people smile. There is a world of therapy out therre, waiting to sit on your lap.

The ten chapters found with these pages each draw to a close with a simple 'paws for thought'. Inside, you will find:

1. Four-legged therapy - How your pet can be good for you.

2. Unconditional like - Learning to like yourself, warts and all.

3. Time makers and mindful observers - Living in the moment with cats for company.

4. Daily wonder - Discovering the world through canine eyes.

5. Bouncing back - How to deal with life's knocks.

6. The Dolittle effect - From talking to gracious listening.

7. Belonging - Connecting with others through animals.

8. My way - Choosing life with the good stuff in mind.

9. Pets at work - The best therapist has fur and four legs.

10. By my side - How animals keep us in touch with the world as we age.

Illustrated by Veronica Wood.

A hard back cloth bound book 22cm x 16cm.

This is one of a series of four books published by Octopus Publishing under the Aster imprint.