Kids Sleep Well Bundle


We have created a kids sleep well bundle, after hearing from parents that anxiety seems to manifest itself for many children around bedtime and sleep. This thoughtfully curated box by founder, Kate Peers - a mum of three boys - includes products from small, independent brands that have been created to support children's mental health and help them create healthy, sleep time routines. A great gift for any children to make bedtime feel like a safe, relaxing space.

This bundle includes:

Our organic cotton, bestselling Zen bunny. A comforting, sensory companion to help them self-soothe as they sleep.

A self-heating Spacemask that warms and relaxes to help them drift off.

A Coraleen organic lavender soap bar, made using A.O.C (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) accredited organic Grade 1 lavender grown at the Cateau de la Gabelle in Provence France and packaged in fully recyclable packaging. The relaxing lavender is a great evening bath-time companion to help them relax before bed.

A spritz of Made by Coopers Organic Sleepy Head Pillow mist, with calming lavender, frankinsense and chamomile has aromatherapeutic benefits to help aid deep, restful sleep.

Snoozy fox tea, from Small & Wild. A warm, soothing cup of their chamomile, lavender and spearmint tea (caffeine and sugar-free) is a great 'wind-down' routine to help them relax before bed. You can read more about Small & Wild founder, Kate Towers here.

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