Mindful Mother Bundle


This autumn we have created the Mindful Mother bundle to help support new mums in that first year of motherhood. As a team of mums, we know all too well how that first 12 months can whizz by in a blur - we have including products to help new mums slow down, breathe and keep a record of those milestone months. Perfect for maternity leave gifting and new mum pressies.

This bundle includes:

Mind Over Mother, by Anna Mathur, psychotherapist and mum of three is all about managing maternal anxiety in that first year of motherhood. Sharing her own experiences, as well as professional tips and advice - it's a reassuring read for any new mum.

We have also included our bestselling Ten Deep Breaths bracelet to remind new mums to stop and breathe in the whirlwind of early parenthood.

There is a 'record of good things' journal to document their days, whether it's keeping note of baby milestones, tracking feed times or as a gratitude journal so they have something to look back on once the fog has lifted.

We all know how impactful sleep (or lack of!) is on a new mum's mental health, so we've included an organic cotton sleep mask from SevenSeventeen to help tired mums get good quality sleep - when they can!

Not to forget baby, there is a beautiful made organic cotton and wood teether too.