Self Care Bundle


A bundle to nurture and take care of yourself during our every day life.

As life flows through it's many twists and turns we need to ensure we take care of ourselves each day. This bundle should help you to do this.

This bundle includes:

1. Self Care CookbookNourishing and self-care recipes by plant based chef, Gem Ogston to boost your energy, help you sleep and lift your mood. So many of us go about our busy lives without eating wholesome food. Yet without giving our body what it truly needs to fuel us through the day (and night), we get ill, feel low and have trouble sleeping.

2. A record of good things  

  • From clean sheets to loyal friends, free wifi to freedom of speech, we can always find something to be grateful for.

  • Use this notebook to make daily, weekly or just occasional notes about the people, places, opportunities or experiences that make you laugh, smile or just feel glad to be alive.

3. Mindful Dishcloth

You might not have guessed it but washing dishes can significantly lower your stress levels... if you do it mindfully. 

Experience how handling soapy dishes can offer peace of mind with this ingenious dishcloth designed by writer, coach and changemaker John-Paul Flintoff.

4. Three Character strengths pencils. This pack of three character strength pencils is part of a set of 24 graphite pencils. 

These pencils come with an illustrated guide to understanding and using the VIA Character Strengths model for personal development. The leaflet includes ideas on how to put strengths into action that can be used individually or with a group. The model is described in the leaflet in full and a link included to a free and very robust questionnaire to discover your own character strengths.

5. Space Mask

Inside the pouch you will find the jasmine infused Spacemask. Now just place the Spacemask over your eyes and the loops over your ears. Recline and enjoy.

6. Bless You For Being Yourself Mug

British artist Alice Pattullo designed this mug to remind us to be fully and proudly ourselves. Use it to drink your morning coffee and feel a quiet boost of self-confidence.

A perfect gift to show someone you love them just the way they are.

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