Sense of Wonder subscription box - 12 months


Please note: By purchasing this product you will be committing to a 12-month reoccuring payment of £28 per month on a reoccuring card transaction basis. Your first month's subscription will be shipping immediately and then each subsequent box at monthly intervals.Photo shown is an example of a previous box. Each month will be different. 

Meet our first-ever subscription box - the Sense of Wonder subscription will be delivered to your door each month, containing an edit of hand-picked products made by us, or independently-owned brands - designed to be used to enhance your individual senses to help you stay present and connected to the world around you.

 Available as a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription option.


What’s in store for your senses this month?

Welcome to your December’s ‘sense of wonder’ subscription box. No doubt you’re expending energy left and right on centre in the build up for Christmas. Spending your time thinking about, and putting everyone else first. So it’s important to make sure you think about and look after yourself at this time too. Take time out. 

For best results…(7 steps to sensory heaven)!

Each of the gifts can be used individually, or may like to set aside an hour or two, when you have some time to yourself to use the products all together, which might look and sound a bit like this:

    1. Light your candle
    2. Boil the kettle and make your hot chocolate 
    3. Sit down somewhere comfy and cosy and read through your book
    4. Have a squeeze on your rainbow on stressful days
    5. Write a card to a friend in need
    6. Go for a walk 
    7. Spritz your mood balancing essential oil mist

In detail...

Cocoa Loco hot chocolate - Organic, Fairtrade, palm oil free and handmade in West Sussex with love by Cocoa Loco. Christmas and hot chocolates are two things that go well together. Take some time out to savour and indulge in the sweet chocolatey aromas and tastes. 

Unwind candle -  Hand poured by Seven Seventeen - a purely plant based wax mood-boosting candle with lavender and bergamot. Let the calming, soothing scents fill the air, and unwind your senses. A candle for mindful living in the daily grind. Can be used at any time of the day, with a generous 30-40 hour burn time. 

Mindful thoughts at home book - written by our very own Kate Peers, a lovingly gathered collection of reflections on the often unnoticed details of what makes a house a home. With 25 illustrated truly thoughtful ideas that help you to apply mindfulness to your living space, from decorating and cleaning to how to harness the light during the day and sleep more comfortably at night. A book you’ll refer back to time and again, and share with friends and family. 

Stress rainbow - playfully created by Dept. Store for the mind and ready to relieve you of your stresses. Bright, colourful and most importantly stress relieving. This rainbow stress reliever is comforting and relaxing for anyone and everyone. It is hard to put down! 

‘I am here for you’ card - A gesture of goodwill and kindness at Christmas. At times we all have a friend in need. A friend who may just need reminding that you’re thinking of them, and you are there for them. Use this card to send to a friend or loved one, or in fact anyone who you think could do with being reminded they’re not alone. Use sparingly and with love. 

Walking card - walking is therapy, many studies have shown us this, but sometimes we need a little nudge to put our trainers on and get out walking. A walk can help us see beyond our own 4 walls and remind us there’s a whole world out there to see, hear, smell, touch and tune into. Set an intention to go for a walk without your phone, and simply absorb all that you can through your senses. A daily morning walk is a glorious way to start the day… go on, off you go!

Essential oil room mist - Organic rose and lavender floral waters are combined to create a nourishing, hydrating and balancing mist that restores the skins natural PH.

Both floral waters are wonderfully suited to all skin types: blemished, uneven skin tones, mild inflammation and acne. Both waters help to promote skin elasticity and health. Simply spray onto damp skin morning and night, after cleansing. This toner is especially refreshing if kept cool in the fridge. Hand-made in small batches with love in Shoreham-by-sea.



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