Teen Breathe Well bundle


Kids' and Teens' mental health is something we are passionate about as parents here at Dept Store for the Mind; it's a conversation we want to bring to every dinner table and a muscle that we want the next generation to flex as often as they do their bodies. Our new special-edition 'Teens Breathe Well Bundle' is designed to support young minds to help them through the stresses, hormones and uncertainty that teenage years can bring.

This bundle includes:

1. Breathe Out

Life can often feel overwhelming and with pressure from school, relationships and social media it can be hard to remember to take a bit of time for ourselves - to take care of what's going on for us on the inside. Breathe Out has been written specifically for young minds and the unique challenges that teenagers face today, it is filled with exercises, techniques and tips specially designed to help you to take a step back and take a moment for yourself.

2. Ten deep breaths bracelet -

NOTE: Bracelets now come in a plain white cotton linen bag with a cardboard tag with a breathing exercise on, not the printed bag as pictured.

Adjustable unisex bracelet made from waxed cotton and brass beads. A simple reminder to breathe deeply at moments of high tension. Inhale and exhale once for each bead. Take deeper, longer breaths as you move from bead to bead. Feel your shoulders drop and anxiety ebb away.

3. Rainbow Stress Reliever

A calming squashy rainbow to use as a stress reliever when needed.

4. Set of graphic 'Be Kind to Your Mind' stickers

Great for laptops, devices or journals. Anywhere you need a daily reminder to 'be kind to your mind' and stay present.

5. A4 mindful colouring sheet

Our 'Ten Deep Breaths' colouring sheet or poster for you to add colour, embellish and then hang proudly to remind you when you are feeling stuck to 'just breathe'.