Ten deep breaths bracelet


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A simple reminder to breathe deeply at moments of high tension. Inhale and exhale once for each bead. Take deeper, longer breaths as you move from bead to bead. Feel your shoulders drop and anxiety ebb away.

When we are anxious we tend to breathe in more than out.  Breathing in encourages our bodies to release hormones that make us more alert and stimulated whereas breathing out releases hormones that help us to relax. By breathing out for a count of eleven and in for seven, we begin to physically and mentally relax.

Made using waxed cotton and brass beads. Bracelets come in a plain white cotton linen bag with a cardboard tag with a breathing exercise on:

My ten deep breaths bracelet is the first thing I put on every morning, and the last thing I take off at night. It slows me down and it keeps me sane. I can't tell you how much I rely on its gentle, stress-neutralising presence on my wrist.”
- Sophie Howarth