Unwind Your Mind Bundle


This autumn we have created the Unwind You Mind Bundle, after the successful launch of our Unwind Your Mind journal and candle this summer. Feedback from customers has been that 'switching off' and finding the headspace and time right now to unwind our thoughts is hard. So we created a bundle to help you do just that.

This bundle includes:

Unwind Your Mind Journal to help with daily thoughts, based on CBT, the thinking tricks will help to flip our thoughts to be more positive.

Our Unwind Candle, created in collaboration with Seven Seventeen, containing lavender and bergamot both chosen for their calming properties.

Rainbow stress reliever, squish and squash this joy-inducing rainbow to ease your mind and calm your thoughts.

A character strengths pencil selected for you to write inside your journal.

A Coraleen organic lavender soap bar, made using A.O.C (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) accredited organic Grade 1 lavender grown at the Cateau de la Gabelle in Provence France and packaged in fully recyclable packaging.

A perfect gift for someone who could use some support to 'unwind their mind'.