Uplifting updates to your home office

It’s understandable to be feeling a little flat right now. Not only are we in the midst of the January slump, but we’re also in the thick of lockdown 3.0 and for many that can mean any combination of isolation, working from home, juggling home schooling – or all three. Whatever your challenges right now, it’s incredibly important to find ways to be kind to yourself and stimulate daily feel-good moments however small they may be. 

Our surroundings have a big part to play on how we feel, our energy levels and our productivity. And given many of us are working within the same surroundings almost all day long right now, it’s important to create a space to work in that inspires you, lifts your spirits and instils a sense of calm. Just some small additions can make a big difference. It could be some plants, a lamp, some prints or some new books on your shelf to pick up and reflect on when you’re taking a break. 

Our collection of prints featuring uplifting mottos – like our Blue Skies Are Coming print - are perfect for any working space, whether you have a dedicated home office or your working from the kitchen table. This print serves as a timely reminder that the words we use in our own internal dialogue have just as much impact as the words we use with the people around us. Looking at positive messages every day is a great visual way for us to shift our outlook to a brighter direction.

Books provide a pick-me-up when you need to step away from the screen for a while. A Toolkit for Modern Life by clinical psychologist, Dr Emma Hepburn, is a warm, wise book packed with practical tools for taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing every day.

Our Bless You For Being Yourself mug is designed to remind us to be fully and proudly ourselves. Use it to drink your morning coffee and feel a quiet boost of self-confidence – a perfect way to start your working day.

And for moments of high tension or stress, our Breathe Well Bundle is the ideal set to turn to, consisting of the Breathe Well book packed with easy and effective breathing exercises, our best-selling Ten Deep Breaths bracelet, our Rainbow Stress Reliever, and our beautiful, lavender scented Breath candle which boosts the mood and brings calm to any space.

Wired, tired, frazzled or fragile? Shop our collection by mood.