Sometimes it’s ok to get lost A4 poster


This poster, by Marc Johns celebrates the value of getting lost.

Marc Johns is an illustrator from Victoria, Canada. He makes sweet, strange, often absurd and always heartwarming drawings. He has designed a First Aid for the Mind product range for Department Store for the Mind that includes A HugSimple Reminders and Space To Think.

Getting lost and feeling found are dips and peaks we all roll through. Being free of judgement (especially of ourselves) can mean we are allowed to feel OK about not having the answers and not always knowing the way. When we pause and just notice what is around us in our lost place, we can often find direction with passion and certainty that may never have come upon us otherwise.

This simple reminder, maybe hung on a hall wall, can act as a daily invitation to find a moment to get lost in something or somewhere and to just notice when there.