Walking is medicine A4 poster


A4 poster illustrated by Marc Johns.

This poster, by Marc Johns is designed to act as a simple reminder to take time to stroll. 

Marc Johns is an illustrator from Victoria, Canada. He makes sweet, strange, often absurd and always heartwarming drawings. He has designed a First Aid for the Mind product range for Department Store for the Mind that includes A HugSimple Reminders and Space To Think.

The illustration on this poster of a bird walking is a gentle invitation to us all to walk a little more. 

Here are three reasons why walking is medicine:

A little daily gentle exercise significantly reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, in our bodies.  Cortisol can do some nasty things like weaken our bones, cause us to take longer to recover from illness and damage the way our brains work.

A few minutes pacing out on two feet can increase our creativity by up to 60% (according to a recent study by Stanford University). 

Walking is easy for our minds. We need to set the bar for exercise so that we are just on the edge of our comfort zone. If we set it too high then it can be tricky to keep motivated. Be kind to yourself and stroll.

We feel so strongly about this idea about walking that we have written a whole book about it.