Sustained by Joy A4 poster


May you be surprised by joy and sustained by love.

What more can we wish for those we hold close to our hearts than that they encounter waves of joy, happiness and love throughout their daily doings? This sentiment offers a freedom to the recipient to discover love and joy from whatever sources they choose. Maybe the sight of a flower pushing through a cracked concrete slab or an unexpected hug from a new friend.

The poster may be a meaningful mothers day gift, an unusual father's day gift or a mindful birthday gift, but can equally be shared to appreciate the smaller moments. The moments when people, often unknowingly, surprise us with a wave of joy or the sustenance of love at the times when we need it most.

Illustrated by London based contemporary folk illustrator Alice Pattullo. Her style has a timeless quality creating a mood that crosses ages and generations, reaching out to all.

A4 unframed print