Unwind Your Mind Journal


Understanding our thoughts and beginning to see them for what they are, means we don’t get so caught up in them on a daily basis and we don’t get into bad habits, whether those are good or bad ones.  In Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) these are called ‘distortions’ or more simply ‘thinking traps’.  Writing these thinking traps down as and when they come to us can stop them going on repeat in our heads and start to have more control over what we think and how we engage with the world around us in a more positive way with a brighter outlook.  

This journal is for everyone. It is a simple yet effective journal designed to help you break free from common negative thinking habits or thinking traps which can often result in feeling sad, worried, angry or stressed.  It will leave you feeling lighter, clearer and more empowered and will help you to unwind your wonderful mind.

Whether you flick through the pages or read cover to cover, page by page, Unwind Your Mind provides practical tools and prompts via carefully chosen words and corresponding beautiful illustrations which bring those words to life.  Importantly these prompts are not overwhelming or complicated and they don’t require time or commitment, they are there purely to guide and provide a framework and offer structure in a gentle way for each individual.  On each page throughout the journal there is space to write as much or as little as you wish.

Created with love by Department Store For The Mind owner and writer Kate Peers, Writer, yoga and mindfulness teacher, Emily Graves and psychologist and thought leader, Ruth Williams.