With many of us facing a new side job as the role of teacher, things can get a little strained and stressful within the confinement of our homes. Trying to balance our own work schedules with our children's takes its toll on parents and kids alike. But our kids collection is here to help restore calm, focus young minds, reward kids and support their mental health during home schooling. 

The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play by Laura Brand provides some positive respite from adverbs and times tables with fifty engaging activities for creative, everyday playtime, encouraging a connection to nature and sense of joy. It can also offer some lovely bonding time with your kids when you're in need of a break too. 

Our Simple Reminders stickers are fun, visual reminders to trust your gut, do what you love, get plenty of sleep, do the right thing, and more. Great positive messages for kids and perfect for adorning laptops, pencil cases and anywhere else they can think of. 

Dare to be You by Matthew Syed is the follow-up to the award-winning You Are AwesomeDrawing examples from sport, science and even business, Dare to Be You empowers young readers to follow their own path, love what makes them different and question the world around them.

Our Teen Breathe Well Bundle is designed to support young minds to help them through the stresses, hormones and uncertainty that teenage years can bring, and makes a great companion for teens right now feeling the effects of the current restrictions.  

The Happy Self Journal is a daily journal designed for 6 to 12 year olds and a lovely diversion when they need a break from school work. Based on scientifically proven methods that promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture enquiring minds, it's beautifully illustrated and easy to use, with just a few minutes focus required each day.

Kids and adults love our Rainbow Stress RelieverBright, colourful, comforting and relaxing, it is hard for anyone to put down!  

When tensions run high in your house, our Kindness, Apply Liberally print may just be the helpful reminder you all need to pause, take a breath and rebalance the mood. 

With the absence of packed school days and running around with friends, your kids might be more wired than usual at bedtime. Our Kids Sleep Well bundle is designed to help them wind down and tackle any anxieties from the day. A great one for making bedtime feel like a safe, relaxing space.

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